Ambulance Cover and EA Member Insurance

Ambulance Cover
We thought that the start of the year would be a good time to check that everyone has an understanding of Ambulance cover in NSW as we have had some inquiries. Just to confirm in NSW Ambulance cover is not included on your utility bills or any other bills. Except for some coverage for those on health care cards and pension cards, the bill for sitting in, receiving treatment from or being transported by ambulance is the responsibility of the person receiving the treatment. It is not uncommon for a bill to be over $500.00 for a trip of under 1km. In order to avoid these exorbitant bills people in NSW need to either have private health insurance or ambulance only cover through a private health fund. While private health insurance may be too pricey for you, ambulance only cover is relatively cheap.

The club wishes to confirm that membership of Scone Show Jumping Club does not entitle you to cover provided by the EA member insurance. The club’s insurance through EA covers things like third party property damage and indemnity of the committee. We would encourage all our members that aren’t already EA members to consider whether you need to be.