Equestrian Australia Helmet Rule

From 1 January 2017 EA made changes to what helmets are approved for use at EA affiliated events (which is us). There are specific codes that need to be on your helmet for your helmet to be legal to use. EA has been clear that it is each competitors own responsibility to check that your helmet is compliant. Please don’t assume that because you bought a helmet recently or paid a lot for it that it will be legal to use. You need to look inside the helmet to find the tiny code. If you have an accident and your helmet isn’t compliant you may not be covered by your EA member insurance. This is what you need to look for:

EA General Regulations, Article 122.2: Dress and Salute, the following will apply:

Protective headgear must conform with one of the current approved safety standards:

  • Current Australian standard AS/NZ 3838 (2006 onwards) provided they are SAI global marked.
  • New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 provided they are SAI global marked
  • Current American standards ASTM FII63 (2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked, or SNELL E2001.
  • Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked.
  • Interim European Standard VGI (01.040: 2014-12) with or without BSI Kitemark.

Please read carefully. All showjumping helmets (01/02/22) to be inspected by an EA appointed helmet tagger and an EA tag fixed to left cheek strap. If you don’t understand contact us for clarification.