Equestrian Australia Helmet Rule

From 1 January 2017 EA made changes to what helmets are approved for use at EA affiliated events (which is us). There are specific codes that need to be on your helmet for your helmet to be legal to use. EA has been clear that it is each competitors own responsibility to check that your helmet is compliant. Please don’t assume that because you bought a helmet recently or paid a lot for it that it will be legal to use. You need to look inside the helmet to find the tiny code. If you have an accident and your helmet isn’t compliant you may not be covered by your EA member insurance. This is what you need to look for:

EA General Regulations, Article 122.2: Dress and Salute, the following will apply:

Protective headgear must conform with one of the current approved safety standards:

  • Current Australian standard AS/NZ 3838 (2006 onwards) provided they are SAI global marked.
  • New Australian standard ARB HS 2012 provided they are SAI global marked
  • Current American standards ASTM FII63 (2004a or 04a onwards) provided they are SEI marked, or SNELL E2001.
  • Current British standard PAS 015 (1998 or 2011) provided they are BSI Kitemarked.
  • Interim European Standard VGI (01.040: 2014-12) with or without BSI Kitemark.

Please read carefully. All showjumping helmets (01/02/22) to be inspected by an EA appointed helmet tagger and an EA tag fixed to left cheek strap. If you don’t understand contact us for clarification.

Results: August Competition

Pryde’s EasiFeed 1.20m

  1. David Robertson – Luis 95
  2. Jess Somerfield – Finch Farm Capentaria
  3. Emily Pursehouse – Equus Haven
  4. Tara Sheridan – Sandhills Sensation

Coolmore Australia 1.10-1.15m

  1. David Robertson – Luis 95
  2. David Robertson – Queno 4
  3. Jess Somerfield – Finch Farm Capentaria
  4. Jess Somerfield – HB Zara
  5. Tara Sheridan – Sandhills Sensation

Horse Power 1.05m

  1. Bree Bates – Captain Thunderbolt
  2. Tara Sheridan – Views Reflection
  3. Penelope Hill – Squizzy
  4. Madelene Hanson – Wollundry Mission From God
  5. David Robertson – Queno 4

Fernrigg Farm 1.00m

  1. Makaylah Fenwick – Grace And Glory
  2. Andrew White – Sincere Destiny
  3. Kyarne Sampson – Morton
  4. Flynn Bageett – Flymia Jackpot
  5. Zara Sampson – Arden Elsa

Robrick Lodge Thoroughbred Sport Horse Association Group 1, 1.00m

  1. Penelope Hill – Squizzy
  2. Anna White – Row Boat
  3. Robyn Parker – Street Wise
  4. Bridie Tilse – Willawara Remembrance
  5. Jess Somerfield – Bell Farm Goldwing

Scone Equine Hospital 90cm

  1. Natalie Clydsdale – Morse Code
  2. Makaylah Fenwick – Grace And Glory
  3. Christopher Rahn – Schmetterling
  4. Barry Sampson – Maximus Almighty
  5. Courtney Lutovac – Absolute Royalty

Robrick Lodge Thoroughbred Sport Horse Association Group 2, 90cm

  1. Bridie Tilse – Willawara Remembrance
  2. Zoe Baylis – Practical
  3. Jess Somerfield – Bell Farm Goldwing
  4. Grace Mayer – Mr Softy
  5. Rachael Murray – Mr Pumblechook

Killeenfarna Connemara’s 80cm

  1. Kate Catt – Pepper
  2. Kyarne Sampson – Bold Ben
  3. Anna Periscal – Noblewood Park Buccaneer 111
  4. Paige Baxter – Super Hero Sticks
  5. Shai Dever – Snip Of Sanity

Shugg Group Thoroughbred Sport Horse Association Group 3, 80cm

  1. Rachael Murray – Mr Pumblechook
  2. Aoife Crotty – Play Luck
  3. Antonia Foster – Little Gabbs
  4. Valentine Delacroix – Miss America
  5. Christopher Rahn – Sizzling Sid

Pursehouse Rural 70cm

  1. Rachel Hunt – Mouse
  2. Malikah Rudge – Lillyview Park Dixie Ray
  3. Molly Northam – Fanfaron Tulip
  4. Kate Catt – Pepper
  5. Kyarne Sampson – Bold Ben

Shugg Group Thoroughbred Sport Horse Association Slipper 70cm

  1. Rachel Murray – Medal of Glory
  2. Elizabeth Stokes – Palazzio
  3. Valentine Delacroix – Miss America
  4. Christopher Rahn – Sizzling Sid
  5. Bridie Tilse – Strathbowen Tequila Sunrise

Peppergrove Bettington Barry 60cm

  1. Malikah Rudge – Lillyview Park Dixie Ray
  2. Skye Russell – Ember
  3. Kylie Gardner – Mako
  4. Claire Quigley – Shamrock
  5. Bridie Tilse – Strathbowen Tequila Sunrise


Padraig Kelly Equine Services Official Champion
David Robertson – Luis 95

Mischief Equine Official Reserve
Jess Somerfield – Finch Farm Carpenteria

William Inglis Unofficial Champion
Bridie Tilse – Willawara Remberance

Mischief Equine Unofficial Reserve
Kate Catt – Pepper

Steve Dever Fencing Junior Champion
Makayla Fenwick

Mischief Equine Junior Reserve
Malikah Rudge

Hunter Equine Services Champion Member
Jess Somerfield – Finch Farm Carpenteria

Mischief Equine Reserve Member
Kate Catt – Pepper

2021-2022 Membership

New members must pay on line (direct deposit – details on Membership Form).  Then take a photo of the transaction to show before riding AND bring membership form or no ride.

SSJC Membership 2021-2022.pdf

If you have been in any COVID hotspots DO NOT ATTEND.  Strict COVID rules apply.

COVID – Coronavirus Self Declaration Form

For the health and safety of our community, declaration of illness is required. Be sure that the information you will give is accurate and complete.

One form must be completed for every person on the grounds. Please fill out the form and print to hand in to an official when you enter the SSJC grounds.


2019 Committee

The 2019 Committee for Scone Showjumping Club Inc. is as follows:

President: Renee Birkett – Ph. 0416 178 362
Vice President: Natalie Clydesdale
Secretary: Bec Drew, Susan Bettington, Natalie Clydsdale
Treasurer: Sarah O’Leary
Course Designer: Susan Bettington – Ph. 0438 452 988
Committee: Eloise Blayden, Lissa Baxter, Melissa Koop, Mel Lowe, David & Robyn Robertson

We look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

Ambulance Cover and EA Member Insurance

Ambulance Cover
We thought that the start of the year would be a good time to check that everyone has an understanding of Ambulance cover in NSW as we have had some inquiries. Just to confirm in NSW Ambulance cover is not included on your utility bills or any other bills. Except for some coverage for those on health care cards and pension cards, the bill for sitting in, receiving treatment from or being transported by ambulance is the responsibility of the person receiving the treatment. It is not uncommon for a bill to be over $500.00 for a trip of under 1km. In order to avoid these exorbitant bills people in NSW need to either have private health insurance or ambulance only cover through a private health fund. While private health insurance may be too pricey for you, ambulance only cover is relatively cheap.

The club wishes to confirm that membership of Scone Show Jumping Club does not entitle you to cover provided by the EA member insurance. The club’s insurance through EA covers things like third party property damage and indemnity of the committee. We would encourage all our members that aren’t already EA members to consider whether you need to be.

Equestrian Australia Hot Weather Policy

Please view the Equestrian Australia Hot Weather Policy below.
Equestrian Australia Hot Weather Policy (pdf file)

Horses exercising and competing in hot environmental conditions can be affected by heat stress.
When environmental heat conditions are adverse, exercising horses require appropriate cooling measures to safeguard their welfare. The primary responsibility for the welfare of horses competing and exercising during hot weather lies with the rider of the horse. Riders must always take action to prevent, manage and treat heat stress in their horses. Event organisers are responsible for providing adequate facilities and information that riders need to safeguard the welfare of horses. Access to ice and cooling water during competition is a compulsory requirement that arises under certain environmental conditions…. READ MORE